Employment Opportunities

The Bureau of Prisons (BOP) and the Chaplaincy Services Branch continue to seek qualified and gifted men and women to serve as federal prison chaplains.  The agency is in need of applicants from all faith traditions, including Muslim chaplains, to best meet the needs of our diverse religious inmate population, pastoral care, crisis intervention realities for agency staff and inmates, and our faith-based reentry programming requirements.

Any interested or prospective applicants should reach out to The Bureau of Prisons (BOP) and the Chaplaincy Services Branch to learn more.  Prospective applicants can also apply to our standing inventory of BOP chaplaincy positions through www.usajobs.gov

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Under the standing inventory, applicants have the opportunity to note their religious affiliation and their agency location preferences.  Then, as openings emerge across the agency, our office will work with HR to pull candidates from the standing inventory to review applicants’ eligibility and move through the hiring process.  Our continual goal is to fill all chaplaincy vacancies with the best possible candidates.